Lessons in Falling

A found poem*

Students often fall
or are pushed
by their classmates.

This is a normal occurrence.

You may find
young students on the ground
that are not injured.

This is normal.  Please
do not disturb them.

They are learning to fly.



*This poem was taken from a sign I saw on campus at UBC, near the Japanese Garden. The sign was referring to nesting herons. I replaced “heron chicks” with “students” and “siblings” with “classmates,” and moved some lines around. Otherwise, it’s pretty much how I found it. Here is a link to a photo of the original sign, taken by Amanda-Nicole


One thought on “Lessons in Falling

  1. I am enjoying your poetry, Tyler. This one reminds me of lunch hour hallway supervision, but also of classroom experiences where they were “learning to fly” and had some tumbles along the way.

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