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I will be the guest reader at this book launch on May 10 at Shelf Life Books. CLICK HERE for event details.


Edmonton Poetry Festival 2017

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I’m excited to be performing at the Edmonton Poetry Festival this weekend. Hope to see some Edmontonians out there!


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Just Released from Oolichan Books:

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BUY NOW from or

Calgary Poet Laureate Showcase: March 1, 2012

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Poet Laureate Nominee – Tyler Perry from Calgary Arts Development on Vimeo.

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CLICK HERE for more information on Calgary’s inaugural poet laureate.

CLICK HERE to view clips of each of the nominees.

Here is some footage from the 2011 Calgary Spoken Word Festival. To see more of the performances, visit the festival’s website.

And if you’d like to compare and contrast, here’s a link to the footage of my very first public performance of my poetry at the Calgary Poetry SLAM! in the Auburn Saloon, back in January 2010. My first poem begins at about 00:47:45 (just after Esau Tamura, a friend and colleague of mine), and my second is at 00:53:00, followed again by Esau Tamura. We went head-to-head in the final round. Also, at 00:04:55 there is a group performance by Esau, Evan Scurr and me.

Book Reviews of Lessons in Falling

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Lessons in Falling was recently reviewed by Indrani Kar in FastForward Magazine. Click here to read the review.
And another review in Canadian Teacher Magazine. Click here.
And one on The Canadian Book review.